Frequently Asked Questions:

There are numbers of frequently asked questions related to Agilibo's Retrospective. These questions often focus on the Sprint Retrospective event, the similarities and dissimilarities between Sprint Retrospective and Agilibo's Retrospective etc. 

Moreover, We often come across questions from Scrum team members of different roles. So, We have divided these questions into 9 categories. You can click on any of the categories to see the FAQs with answers.

1. Retrospective General

What is a Sprint Retrospective?

Sprint Retrospective is a timeboxed event which usually occurs after sprint review at the end of sprint. The main purpose is to inspect previous sprint, find out problems and enforce it in the next sprint.

Where can I find Retrospective?

You can find Retrospective in our Agilibo landing page. Click on the app-switcher button present on the top left screen to be directed to Retrospective.

What is the purpose of having a Retrospective session?

It is crucial for a team to self-analyse at regular intervals for continuous improvement in delivery and removing the impediments. Retrospective session serves the purpose.

How can I use Retrospective?

Subscribe to Agilibo, go to Retrospective, create/join a Retrospective session, gather the thoughts, give votes and discuss them.

Is Retrospective a product of Agilibo?

Yes, retrospective is a product of an Agile transformation tool called Agilibo

Can anyone from a team create a Retrospective session?

Yes, anyone can create a Retrospective session which makes him/her the facilitator.

Who is a facilitator?

Facilitator is the host who creates and organizes the Retrospective event.

My team is not fully following Agile/Scrum. Can we still make use of Retrospective from Agilibo?

Yes, Retrospective is a platform to inspect the previous sprint, find the impediments and enforce the outcome in upcoming sprint. But Retrospective suits the best to Agile/Scrum Team.

My team does not have a Scrum Master. Who should facilitate the Retrospective session?

Anyone from the team can facilitate the Retrospective session.

Why should I use Retrospective from Agilibo?

Retrospective helps in inspecting the past sprint, finding out impediments from previous sprint and enacting those outcomes in upcoming sprints.

Can I use Retrospective from Agilibo without a paid subscription to Agilibo?

In Try and Buy policy Yes, you can. Retrospective is an exclusive platform of Agilibo which can be used free of cost in the trial version for first 30 days after registering with us.

Can I schedule Retrospective session for future dates?

Yes, you can schedule Retrospective session for your team at your desired date and time.

Is it necessary for all the members of the team to subscribe to Agilibo to make use of the Retrospective from Agilibo?

Yes, it is mandatory for all the team members to subscribe to Agilibo if you wish to use Retrospective for a longer period, as our trial period is for 30 days only.

Can I use my personal ID to register myself with Agilibo?

Yes, you can use any email ID to register yourself with Agilibo.

Does Retrospective have a service desk facility to raise concerns related to application?

You can create support ticket at Agilibo website. Also we have 24/7 customer support available to help you with these issues.

Can I play Retrospective session from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of Retrospective even from your mobile phone.

Can I notify my team about upcoming Retrospective sessions?

Yes, if you have setup receive emails for your team in Agilibo then invitation mail will be sent to you whenever a new Retrospective event is scheduled.

Will my team be notified of the changes I make in a scheduled Retrospective session?

If the required email trigger setup for the team is done in Agilibo, then the team and invited members will receive an email about the updated details of the Retrospective event.

Will my team be notified if I cancelled the schedule Retrospective session?

If the desired email trigger setup for the team is done in Agilibo, then the team will be notified about the changes made related to the specific Retrospective event.

Can Retrospective send me a report/summary of the session we just had?

Yes, if the desired email trigger setup for the team is done in Agilibo, then the team will receive the Summary of the Retrospective session they had to their emails.

Can I fetch Retrospective reports from past sprints?

Yes, Retrospective allows you to view and download reports from the previous sprints.

How can I request for a Retrospective Demo session?

Go to, click on the app-switcher and choose Retrospective. You will see Request Demo button there which will guide you to the Request Demo page where you can fill out details.

Can I change the facilitator during the retrospective event?

Yes, current facilitator can assign new facilitator using the setting option.

Do I need to be an Admin Team member in Agilibo to be able to facilitate the Retrospective session?

No, anyone from the team who creates the event can facilitate a Retrospective session.

Can I schedule recurring session in Retrospective from Agilibo?

No, at the moment you can only schedule one session at a time. But we are working to make it recurring.

Can a team of 20 people sit in one Retrospective session?

Yes, Retrospective session can be scheduled for as many numbers of people as you wish.

We ran out of time in Retrospective session which was set in the timer. Will the session automatically close?

No, the session will not close even if the timer is up. It is recommended to keep the Retrospective session timeboxed.

2. Themes and templates

Are there themes available in Retrospective from Agilibo?

Yes, Agilibo has many exciting themes in its Retrospective platform.

What are the themes available in Retrospective from Agilibo?

Agilibo has following inbuilt templates:

1. “What went well & what did not go well”?

2. Start – Stop – Continue.

3. Mad – Sad – Glad.

4. 3A’s: Anxious – Awful – Awesome.

5. KILL: Keep – Invent – Limit – Largen.

6. Three Little Pigs.

7. 4 L’s: Liked, Longed for, Lacked, Learned.

8. Nailed it or Failed it?

9. Get Up – Give Up – Keep Up.

10. Lean Café.

11. DAKI Sprint.

12. Oscar.

13. Post-it.

14. Yay or Nay.

15. KISS: Keep it Simple Superheroes.

What is “What went well & what did not go well” Retrospective?

“What went well & what did not go well” is one of the most commonly retrospective templates which allows participants to note down the points which went as per the plan and which went the opposite.

Why is “What went well & what did not go well” Retrospective used?

“What went well & what did not go well” Retrospective gives your team an opportunity to inspect the committed & achieved and planned but failed tasks, so that team can adapt accordingly.

What is “Start – Stop – Continue” Retrospective?

“Start-Stop-Continue” Retrospective is a standard retrospective template where your team can list what according to them should be started, stopped and continued from the next sprint in order to get better results.

Why is “Start – Stop – Continue” Retrospective used?

“Start-Stop-Continue” Retrospective gives the team a clearer picture of what is needed and what is not in the next iteration and this thought process is based on the previous sprint experience.

What is “Mad – Sad – Glad” Retrospective?

“MAD-SAD-GLAD” retrospective is widely used retrospective template which helps the team to self-analyse their emotions. Team can point out what made them angry, sad and happy in the previous sprint

Why is “Mad – Sad – Glad” Retrospective used?

With “MAD-SAD-GLAD” retrospective template the team gets a chance take a look at their own emotional wellbeing, re-craft the work process so that there is a work-life balance maintained. This eventually ensure job satisfaction.

What is “3A’s” Retrospective?

“3A’s - Anxious, Awful, Awesome” is Agilibo specific retrospective template which encourages the team to share the incidents of previous sprint which made them feel stressed, demotivated and encouraging.

Why is “3A’s” Retrospective used?

With “3A’s - Anxious, Awful, Awesome” retrospective team can note down all incidents that triggered their emotions to stressful, difficult and good situations. This analysis would make the team emotionally stronger leading a team which is satisfied with the job.

What is “KILL” Retrospective?

“KILL – Keep, Invent, Limit, Largen” is an Agilibo’s custom retrospective which encourages the team to discuss the work process which gave bigger value and also less than what was expected, to come up with innovative ideas and to reduce what did not bring much value to the delivery.

Why is “KILL” Retrospective used?

“KILL – Keep, Invent, Limit, Largen” retrospective gives team the space it needs to open up their ideas, put forth their opinions about what should be taken more or less to increase & enhance delivery on basis of which decisions of the next sprint are made.

What is “Three Little Pigs” Retrospective?

“Three little pigs” retrospective is the scrum retrospective which depicts the story of 3 little pigs. The team can highlight those points which are bit messed up and more prone to errors, which lack rigidity and could be improved for smoother functioning of the team and which are rock solid which must be continued by the team.

Why is “Three Little Pigs” Retrospective used?

“Three little pigs” retrospective helps the team to express the thoughts which could make a wobbly sprint more solid and stable on every terms.

What is “4 L’s” Retrospective?

“4L’s Retrospective” is Like, Learned, Lacked and Long for retrospective where the team lists down the pros and cons of previous iteration along with what was missing and what the team longed for to achieve their goal.

Why is “4 L’s” Retrospective used?

“4L’s Retrospective” is used to enhance the interaction among the team by putting forward their needs and went was missing in the previous iteration which if added could have added a big value to the delivery.

What is “Nailed it or Failed it” Retrospective?

“Nailed it or Failed it” Retrospective is a retrospective template from Agilibo which focuses on two extremes- the strength and weakness.

Why is “Nailed it or Failed it” Retrospective used?

“Nailed it or Failed it” Retrospective is used to enlist what went extremely good and what went downside which could have been avoided. This way team figures out a plan for future.

What is “Get Up – Give Up – Keep Up” Retrospective?

“Get up-Give up-Keep up” in an action-oriented Retrospective from Agilibo which includes those points which should be started, kept or given up during an iteration to improve the sprint and the delivery.

Why is “Get Up – Give Up – Keep Up” retrospective used?

“Get up-Give up-Keep up” includes those points which should be started during an iteration, which should be stopped and those points which were successful enough to be kept even in the upcoming sprints for enhance level of delivery.

What is “Lean Café” Retrospective?

“Lean Café” Retrospective is a Agilibo specific retrospective which makes the team come up with an agenda only during the retrospective session. The entire team put their thought 1 category which is discussed and action points are derived out of it to be implemented into next sprint.

Why is “Lean Café” Retrospective used?

“Lean Café” Retrospective enables every individual from the team to dynamically react to the current situation and triggers their thinking about points put up by themselves along with others then and there.

What is “DAKI Sprint” Retrospective?

“DAKI Sprint” Retrospective gives the team a chance to discuss points which the team feels should be Dropped, Added, Kept and Imrpoved.

Why is “DAKI Sprint” Retrospective used?

“DAKI Sprint” Retrospective makes the team discuss the points put by them, identify patterns which cause impediment and come up with action points to rectify the same.

What is “Oscar” Retrospective?

“Oscar” Retrospective is an Agilibo’s retrospective which focuses on bringing the talent of the individual to light and appreciate them for the hard work they have done till now.

Why is “Oscar” Retrospective used?

“Oscar” Retrospective is an Agilibo’s effort to give special importance to all the team members irrespective of the skills they possess. It encourages the team cheer up for themselves by identifying their skills which even they wouldn’t have even thought of in past.

1. In my team a person has excellent communication skills. Can we give him an award in the “Oscar” Retrospective?

Yes, anyone who has dedicatedly worked hard with his/her talents can be awarded in “Oscar” Retrospective from Agilibo.

What is “Post-it” Retrospective?

“Post-it” Retrospective is an Agilibo’s approach to allow team to write anything in retrospective sticky notes which they wish to discuss.

Why is “Post-it” Retrospective used?

“Post-it” Retrospective gives equal importance to all the points coming from every individual and it has to be made sure that all the points are heard, discussed and action points are derived out of it.

What is “Yay or Nay” Retrospective?

“Yay or Nay” Retrospective is an Agilibo’s approach to give thumbs up or thumbs down to the previous iteration based on happiness index, work load, achievement of the sprint goal, velocity etc.

Why is “Yay or Nay” Retrospective used?

“Yay or Nay” Retrospective is a straight way of discussing how the previous sprint went, was it a success or a failure without wasting much of time.

What is “KISS” Retrospective?

“KISS – Keep It Simple Superheroes” Retrospective is designed for Agile superheroes who get full freedom to discuss whatever they wish.

Why is “KISS” Retrospective used?

“KISS – Keep It Simple Superheroes” Retrospective allows the team to self-review more qualitatively where people can take a recap of all/ any number of previous retro sessions, the action points derived out of them, look at the current work process and compare how efficiently the team is working now after those many retro sessions.

Can I change the colours of the screens available in the existing templates in Retrospective from Agilibo?

No, you cannot change colours of the screens.

I want to give different colour to the columns of the Retrospective. How can I do it?

No, colours cannot be changed.

3. Security/Permissions

Can people from other company registered with Agilibo, using Retrospective see my product and sprint backlogs?

No, each company registered with Agilibo can only view their product and sprint backlogs.

Why am I not able to view the other teams from my company while creating a Retrospective session?

You only have permissions to create Retrospective session for the team which you are part of.

I registered with an email which I do not have access to anymore and I forgot my Agilibo password. How can I retrieve my account?

We have 24/7 customer support available to help you with these issues.

You can also create a support ticket for the same in Agilibo website.

Is my company data synced with Agilibo encrypted?

Yes, the company data synced with Agilibo is encrypted.

Can Agilibo access my information?

Yes, Agilibo can access the basic information used to create the Agilibo account. We access data for our future project of implementing NLP.

Can my company use Retrospective platform without revealing data to Agilibo?

No, company cannot use Retrospective without revealing the data to Agilibo.

What process is followed to ensure that my data is safe in cloud with Retrospective?

We are using encrypted database from the cloud and our vendor is Exoscale. For more information you can visit their website for their privacy policy.

4. Setting the stage

What should I give under Teams in New Session while creating a new Retrospective session?

You need to provide the team for which the new Retrospective session is being created.

What should I give under Sprints in New Session while creating a new Retrospective session?

You need to provide the sprint number of the team for which the new Retrospective session is being created.

What should I give under Timeboxed in New Session while creating a new Retrospective session?

You need to provide the duration of the Retrospective session being created.

What is the Password under New Session while creating a new Retrospective session?

Password is auto generated and four charactered created whenever a new session is being created. A facilitator can use this password to make the session password protected so that only his/her team joins the Retrospective session.

Whom should I include in Invite others tab under New Session while creating a new Retrospective session?

The facilitator can include all the email IDs of the guest users/internal user registered with Agilibo who is required to attend the particular Retrospective session.

What should I put under the Topic in Set the stage while creating a new Retrospective session?

Topic is the basis on which the Retrospective session is to be handled. This also lets the participants know the actual reason for the session to take place.

What is the meaning of Starting Directive in Set the stage while creating a new Retrospective session?

Starting Directive is the prime purpose of the Retrospective session to be scheduled. This tells the participants what is going to be discussed in the session.

Can I create a customized new Retrospective session?

Yes, Agilibo gives full access to users to create custom Retrospective session.

How can I choose 1 template from predefined ones available with Agilibo’s Retrospective?

Once you are inside the Retrospective, enable the Set the Stag flag and turn on the option of Existing template. This would show you all the predefined templates available with Agilibo from which you can select as per your wish.

What will happen if I enable the Hide Card Author under Options while creating a new Retrospective session?

If Hide Card Author is enabled, the name of the person who posted the opinion on the digital sticky notes doesn’t appear at all throughout the session.

Can I set password of my own for the Retrospective session?

No, Agilibo’s Retrospective has the option to Generate new random passwords to be used in the session instead.

Where can I set the date on which desired session has to be scheduled?

You can create a new Retrospective session in New Session section under Event Starts at option where you can specify the date and time of the event being scheduled.

Where can I set the timings for the Retrospective session?

You can create a new Retrospective session in New Session section under Event Starts at option where you can specify the date and time of the event being scheduled.

Can I view Velocity chart of my team in Agilibo’s Retrospective session?

Yes, Agilibo’s Retrospective Session allows you to view Velocity chart of your team and previous 10 sprints.

Can I view Burndown chart of the past sprints in Agilibo’s Retrospective session?

Yes, Agilibo’s Retrospective Session allows you to view Burndown chart from the past.

Can I view sprint reports of the past sprints in Agilibo’s Retrospective session?

Yes, Agilibo’s Retrospective Session allows you to view Sprint report from the past.

Can I add more columns after the session has begun?

Yes, with Agilibo’s Retrospective session the facilitator can add new columns even after the session has begun.

Why should I select the template to use the Retrospective session?

Selecting the template gives you and your team different ideas about what should be discussed every sprint in order to make discussions efficient, less complex and get effective outcomes out of it.

Can I edit the header while the session is happening?

Yes, with Agilibo’s Retrospective session the facilitator can edit the header even after the session has begun.

5. Retrospective for Product Owner

Can a product owner use Agilibo's Retrospective?

Yes, Retrospective from Agilibo is made for the entire scrum team to carry out Sprint Respective session where you and your team think about the positives and negatives occurred in previous sprint and take valuable outcomes out of it to be implemented into the next iteration.

As a product owner can I facilitate the Retrospective session?

Yes, everyone from the scrum team must participate in the Retrospective session.

There is a huge dispute going among the team members. How can this be handled in Retrospective session?

Agilibo's Retrospective gives the team a chance to inspect and adapt. Disputes arising in the event must be discussed upon well and a valuable solution must be brought down which should be agreed upon by all the participants that can be implemented in the next iteration for enhanced delivery.

Can I vote on other’s behalf also?

No, each individual is required to participate in Retrospective session to give their inputs personally.

The team is confused about a question asked in the Retrospective session. Who can we ask to clarify the item?

The facilitator (Usually Scrum Master) is the right person you and your team can rely on the explain the questions put up in the Retrospective session.

6. Retrospective for Scrum Master

Can I (SM) skip the Retrospective session?

No, it is advisable for the entire team to attend the Retrospective session for an enhanced discussion and effective action points to be taken in the next sprint.

Does Agilibo's Retrospective have a timer?

Yes, Agilibo's Retrospective offers the timer facility to keep a track of your Retrospective session.

I am working with a distributed team. Can my team use Agilibo's Retrospective?

Yes, Retrospective is a web application which can be accessed if you have a stable internet connection and a computer/mobile phone.

Skills of my team members are different. Can they use in Retrospective?

Yes, everyone in the team can make use of Retrospective to highlight what they liked and what they did not like in the previous iteration.

The stakeholder wants to see how my team takes up the retrospective session. Can they join our Retrospective session without an Agilibo account?

No, Retrospective is to inspect and adapt within the internal team to help them tackle their problems and work in a more efficient manner. Stakeholders need not attend the Retrospective session. But external guests can attend the session provided the facilitator has shared the password of the event to the concerned person.

Can the facilitator leave an ongoing session?

Yes, the facilitator has the privilege to make any one from the team members as the facilitator to carry out the Retrospective session and then he/she can leave the session. But it is advisable for a SM to attend the Sprint Retrospective.

I am the facilitator, and I closed Agilibo's Retrospective tab by mistake. Will all the opinions given by my team be gone?

No, the opinions from the team will not disappear.

I closed the internet browser by mistake. Will all the points put by me till now be gone?

No, the points will not disappear.

Will Agilibo's Retrospective notify me if I am missing a step?

Yes, Agilibo's Retrospective will notify you if a step is missed.

Will Agilibo's Retrospective remind me if I have forgotten to provide votes?

Yes, Agilibo's Retrospective will notify you if you still have votes pending to be put.

Can I increase the duration of Agilibo's Retrospective session at the last moment?

Yes, Agilibo's Retrospective allows you to extend the time set in timer by minutes.

If the team finishes the session even before the timer is up, can I end the session manually?

Yes, you can end the session manually by clicking on next.

I (SM) do not feel that my team is struggling with anything. Do we need a Retrospective session?

Yes, there is always a hope of improvement. And none of the Scrum events must be skipped.

Can a person outside my team attend Agilibo's Retrospective session with us?

No, Agilibo's Retrospective session created by you is accessible only to people within your team. However external guests can access session with invitation link.

7. Retrospective for Development Team member

Can I change my points on the sticky notes once I have put it?

Yes, Agilibo's Retrospective has the edit feature of allowing the team members to edit the content which was put in the digital sticky note.

Can I vote twice for 1 point which I like the most?

No, one person can vote only once to a point.

Can I group notes before giving vote?

Yes, Agilibo’s retrospective enables you and your team members to group similar points together before voting.

Can I add comments to the summary of Agilibo's Retrospective session which we just had?

Yes, Agilibo's Retrospective enables the participants to provide their comments on the discussion and outcomes of the retrospective during the Closing Phase.

Can we set timer for every phase of Agilibo's Retrospective session?

Yes, In Retrospective you can use Current Timer to keep track of time of every phase of the Retrospective session.

Can I edit the duration in the Current timer?

Yes, you can edit it.

Can I join Agilibo's Retrospective session once it has started?

Yes, team members can join Agilibo's Retrospective session once it has started.

Does Agilibo's Retrospective allow team members to leave the session without stopping the entire event?

Yes, team members can leave the session and it will not have any impact on the session or the points on the digital sticky notes.

Can anyone from the team traverse to the next phase in Agilibo's Retrospective session?

No, only the facilitator can traverse through the stages of Retrospective session.

Can an external temporary employee who is part of our team, also use Agilibo's Retrospective?

Yes you can. Agilibo's Retrospective allows external users to login through an invitation link which redirects them to the Retrospective session so that they also can participate and provide their feedback about the sprint.

What is the minimum duration for which we can schedule the Retrospective session in Agilibo’s Retrospective?

We have set the duration of a Retrospective session by default as 45 minutes which is the standard duration for a 1-week sprint according to Scrum Guide. This can be altered as per the team and their sprint.

8. Dos and Don'ts of Retrospective session

I want to leave Agilibo's Retrospective session. Will my team know that I left the session?

Yes, once a team member leaves the session the number of participants gets reduced by one.

Our Retrospective session usually takes more than 2 hours for 1 week sprint. We do not have a dedicated Scrum Master for the same. How can Agilibo's  Retrospective help me with this situation?

Retrospective from Agilibo has a timer on the screen which constantly reminds the team about how much time is up and how much time is still left for the session to end so that team can manage accordingly.

Can we prepone Agilibo's Retrospective session?

No, any Retrospective session must take place at the decided time and place.

I (SM) am running late for the Retrospective session. Can I manage timings of Agilibo's Retrospective according to my own comfort by delaying it for just 5 minutes?

No, Scrum Events should not be changed for an individual even if that person facilitates the session. It is recommended to keep the event at same time and at same place.

9. Myths about Retrospective

Stakeholder wants to facilitate Agilibo's Retrospective session. Is it advisable?

No it is not advisable, as stakeholders are not needed in the Retrospective sessions.

I was not able to deliver increment because of my personal problems. Can I share it in the Retrospective session?

Yes, we believe sharing is caring and with care team becomes happy.

Can we have a 2-hour Retrospective for 1 week sprint?

No, it is highly recommended to limit the duration of Sprint Retrospective session to 45 min for a 1-week sprint.

What will happen if my team skips Retrospective session?

There will be no room for the team members to take some time for them, analyse themselves and work on personal improvements. This will lead to a frustrated impediment filled team.

Can I stay quiet in Retrospective session without giving any inputs or thoughts?

No, it is important for everyone to openly discuss their opinions in order to make the Retrospective a valuable one.

Can my team skip Retrospective sessions?

No, it is mandatory for the Scrum Team to carry out all the Scrum Events.