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Choose the Plan that's Right for You

Expand your Agilibo experience and maximize your success with our comprehensive range of services, including Agile Transformation Consulting, Customized Software Development, and Comprehensive Yearly Maintenance packages.


Agilibo Service Packages


Software only

  • + Order clarification, package

  • + Technical Onboarding (IT Admin)

  • +Software Setup

  • + Software Licence (including Customer Service)

  • Implementation Timeline - 1-2 months


Enabling agile transformation

  • See Package 2

  • + Transformation Consulting

  • + Agilibo Team Onboarding

  • Implementation Timeline - 3-6 months


Enabling agile work

  • See Package 1

  • + Agilibo Product Owner Training

  • + Agilibo Scrum Master Training

  • + Project Management

  • Implementation Timeline - 2-4 months


Enabling agile transformation & customization

  • See Package 3

  • + Software Development (customization)

  • + Yearly Maintenance (customization)

  • Implementation Timeline - 4-8 months

Agilibo Service Categories

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Order Clarification:

Eliminate confusion with our clear and detailed order forms, verification tools, and ongoing support.

  • Detailed order forms

  • Advanced verification tools

  • Streamlined order confirmation processes

  • Dedicated communication channels

  • Comprehensive documentation

  • Targeted training

  • Robust change management tools



SaaS/Cloud Setup

SaaS/Cloud Setup:

Seamlessly integrate Agilibo into your existing systems, secure and migrate data, and benefit from robust security setups.

  • Everything from account creation and custom configuration

  • Personalized software customization

  • Seamless integration with existing systems

  • Secure and efficient data migration

  • Robust security setups

  • In-depth user training

  • Detailed support materials

  • Thorough testing and validation

  • Ongoing support and maintenance

  • Performance monitoring tools


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Project Management:

Maximize Agilibo's impact with meticulous planning, resource allocation, tailored training, and ongoing support.

  • Meticulous planning and strategy development

  • Seamless resource allocation and scheduling

  • Targeted training and ongoing support for teams

  • Diligent monitoring and reporting

  • Continuous adaptation and optimization of Agilibo’s use

  • Proactive risk management



Agile Transformation Consulting

Agile Transformation Consulting:

Redefine your project management approach with our expert guidance, customized agile strategy, and seamless integration of Agilibo.

  • Expert evaluation of current processes

  • Customized agile strategy aligned with goals and culture

  • Integration Guidance

  • Comprehensive training and coaching in agile methodologies

  • Dedicated change management support

  • Continuous improvement and scalability focus



Technical Onboarding (IT Admin)

Technical Onboarding (IT Admin):

Ease your IT team's transition with comprehensive setup support, security protocols, and data migration assistance.

  • Robust security protocol establishment

  • Expert data migration assistance

  • Tailored customization

  • Advanced training for IT staff on backend management

  • Extensive resource materials

  • Ongoing technical support

  • Innovative monitoring tools

  • Regular updates and maintenance briefings

  • Feedback loop for continual software adaptation


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Agilibo Product Owner Training

Agilibo Product Owner Training:

Elevate your Product Owners with our comprehensive training in agile methodologies, Agilibo platform usage, and data-driven decision-making.

  • Unlock the full potential of agile project management

  • Hands-on training in using the Agilibo platform

  • Enhanced collaboration, communication, and role-specific tasks

  • Scaling agile practices, improving team performance, and making data-driven decisions



Agilibo Scrum Master Training

Agilibo Scrum Master Training:

Elevate your Scrum Masters with our in-depth training on agile project management, Agilibo tools, and coaching skills to foster self-organization and drive team success.

  • Master agile project management using the Agilibo platform

  • The range of Agile methodologies and DevOps practices covered

  • Effectively utilize Agilibo’s tools, including management dashboards and KPI tracking

  • Foster self-organization and collaboration within teams

  • Develop coaching skills to identify and support agile champions


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Agilibo Team Onboarding

Agilibo Team Onboarding:

Kickstart your agile journey with tailored training, practical workshops, and ongoing support for seamless adoption.

  • In-depth introduction to all the features and tools of Agilibo

  • Customized training sessions tailored to team roles and needs

  • Hands-on experience in real-world scenarios

  • A wealth of support materials for easy reference

  • Ongoing support for seamless and effective adoption of Agilibo


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Software Development (Customization)

Software Development (Customization):

Customize Agilibo to fit your unique needs with custom features, seamless integrations, branding-matched UI, and specialized reporting.

  • Tailor the Agilibo platform precisely to your organization's unique needs

  • Custom features development

  • Seamless integrations with existing IT systems

  • Customized user interface

  • Specialized reporting and analytics

  • Ongoing support and regular updates



Yearly Maintenance

Yearly Maintenance

Ensure your custom Agilibo solution remains future-proof with regular updates, dedicated support, data backup, and continuous improvement.

  • Optimization of performance

  • Maintenance of stringent security and compliance standards

  • Incorporation of feedback for continuous improvement

  • Data backup

  • Comprehensive training updates

  • Technical support

  • Documentation maintenance

  • Scalability enhancements


Need Help Deciding?

Our team is here to help you choose the Agilibo package that's right for you. We can also provide a free trial to experience the platform for yourself.

Let's Get Started!

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Agilibo: The Smarter Way to Agile

All packages include unlimited collaboration, backlog management, excellent customer service, access to all agile modules, and the ability to host up to 50 guests in each concurrent module session, and all are hosted in Germany/EU.

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