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Privacy Policy

Agilibo Software Application



This policy clarifies the information we collect and process when you use Agilibo web application, mobile applications, products and services including contents. This policy highlights the information we access, store, use, delete and transfer. It is our aim to ensure that we earn your trust completely by complying with the privacy policy stipulated in the General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR).


How We Use Your Personal Data

To provide you with the best possible experience and maximum benefit, Agilibo is using the information we collect from your interactions within the network. The information we collect are information such as your personal details and email address, pages you access on our website and mobile apps, your interactions with the features of our products and services, your internet protocol (ip) address, page visits and duration, devices you use, geographic location, browser type, browser version, navigation path and referral information. Such information is used to deliver the best user experience to you. And our tracking is to make our products and services work efficiently and effectively.

Providing Your Personal Data To Others

We use third party payment services providers to handle financial transactions relating to your account. The collection, process and access of your personal information is as it pertains to your name, card details, card number, card pin, expiration date, three digit security code, and other related information required by the payment services providers.

We use security providers and encryption such as HTTPS/TLS to protect and secure the data we transmit to, from and across our website. Although, we strive to be secure, we cannot guarantee security because no data transmitted over the internet is 100% secure.

The legal basis of the information we process is based primarily on your consent, data protection standards and the requirements of the law and court order. If your information will be shared in response to a court order or legal process, we will give you adequate notice, so that you can challenge the legal process or court order, unless the law prohibits it or states otherwise.


Retaining And Deleting Personal Data

To use our products and services, such as our web and mobile applications, you have to create an account. If you have an account on Agilibo, you can login, access, modify or export your personal information or delete your account. We strive to protect your personal information from accidental or malicious destruction, so, we keep residual copies of your personal information for a temporary period of time.

You can request deletion of your personal data anytime by emailing us at

The only exception to this is when you delete your account. Information deleted is unrecoverable after deletion unless the law stipulates otherwise.

International Transfers Of Your Personal Data

Our cloud hosting servers crosses international borders and boundaries. By using Agilibo, you permit us to use, access, store, and transfer your information from our country to any country where we may operate. But, we will abide by the standard data protection clauses adopted and approved by the European Union including when your data is disclosed to our processors and third party agents.



Agilibo may intermittently update its privacy policy. We will inform you immediately there is an alternation, change, update or amendment to our privacy policy. To access the last update, simply click on the policy found at our website footer. Previous versions can also be accessed at our website archives.


Your Rights

As highlighted above about your rights under data protection, below are numerical summary of your principal rights.

  1. The right to access;

  2. The right to withdraw consent;

  3. The right to rectification and restoration;

  4. The right to deletion;

  5. The right to data portability;

  6. The right to refuse data processing;

  7. The right to control data processing; and

  8. The right to protest to an administrative authority.


Managing Cookies

Browsers allow you to accept, refuse or delete cookies. To block cookies on your web or mobile applications will affect your usability including the features we may have on our website. We cannot give detailed instructions and information on how to accept, delete or refuse cookies but we can provide links of different browsers for your independent research.


Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is the Privacy Officer of the company. The responsibilities of the DPO are training and monitoring of employees in accordance to the stipulations of the GDPR. The DPO oversees all activities pertaining to the Information Security program; that includes data privacy and security.

To discuss further about our operations, kindly contact the DPO through the appropriate channel of communication.


Our Details

For further questions and enquiries, our contact details are below:

Agilibo GmbH

Ohmstr. 12

63225 Langen (Hessen)


Tel.: (+49) 6103 44096 10

Email address:


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