Agilibo is the first all-encompassing agile ecosystem that promises to map the full cycle of agile development and team collaboration. It offers several key features that empower you to better manage and continuously improving your projects or sprints. Here are some of the key features:

In-app notifications


A clearly defined

The Agilibo dashboard is the core page that contains everything you need to successfully manage your projects and teams. You can view the status of current and previous sprints, the progress of assigned issues, and the latest updates. From the dashboard, you can instantly create sprint backlogs, product backlogs, kudos and feedback sessions. You can also choose quickly between companies, units and teams depending on your access rights. In the search bar you can find everything inside Agilibo with only one click.


Working in Multiple Teams

You can manage your tasks, projects, or sprints with greater precision when you make sure everyone on your team knows what they're accountable for. Agilibo allows users to create and configure multiple companies, units and teams with a different set of accountabilities and roles. You can set up ownership and admin roles with exclusive permissions for your team members.


Product and sprint backlog Management

Backlog management is critical to every agile team. Developers can select and create sprint backlogs as Product Owners order product backlog items by placing maximum values ​​on top. Agilibo provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for teams to remotely manage product and sprint backlogs at any time.

Scrum Tools
For Adopting Agile


Sit. Plan. Estimate.

Planiac provides a joyful way to estimate the effort and complexity of tasks and stories in an agile team. The module is developed based on the idea of Planning or Scrum Poker, which enables teams to estimate tasks based on consensus and thus increases the efficiency of Backlog Refinement and Sprint Planning meetings. Moreover, Planiac not only increases the estimation accuracy and planning efficiency of teams, but also their motivation and fun due to its gamified nature.


Make deep Reflection happen.

The Retrospective meeting is one of the most valuable Scrum events, because it allows the team to look back at events that have taken place and discuss what went well, what could be improved and how the improvement can be implemented. The ongoing goal of Retrospectives is thus to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of collaboration, tools and processes. 


Real-time interface

Modules such as Planiac, Retrospective, and future promises in Agilibo focus primarily on the engagement of team members working remotely. You can join any session created by these modules anytime, anywhere. This is possible through the real-time interface provided by Agilibo.

In-app Notifications

Agilibo provides in-app notifications not only for updates on any scheduled session, but also for monitoring your team's activity log. If you miss something important, you will receive an email whenever you are not in Agilibo. With your administrator access, you can also configure which notifications and emails you should receive and which you should not.