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About Agilibo™

Many companies across the world have adopted agile methodology to enhance their product or project management with Scrum, Kanban, Management 3.0 etc.


Archibo's goal was to create an online ecosystem where agile teams will find the most common tools for agile practice in one place. We present Agilibo, the first software​-as-a-service platform where you as an Agile Coach, a Scrum Master, a Product Owner, a Development team member or a Stakeholder are about to get the full support for your agile way of working.

Agilibo is in development and promises you a set of agile project management and collaboration tools on one single platform in the near future, that work equally well for web, tablet or mobile, such as: 

  • Agilibo Core: Easily manage multiple product and sprint backlogs.

  • Planiac: Conduct online Sprint Planning events and estimate user stories in a gamified technique.

  • DailyScrum: Facilitate effective 15-minute Daily Scrum sessions.

  • SprintCollab: Conduct output-strong Sprint Review meetings with your stakeholders.

  • Retrospective: Reflect on your past sprints by effectively designing Retrospective meetings with Agilibo.

  • PowerTaker: Empower your teams and delegate tasks whenever necessary.

  • KudoCloud: Send virtual appreciations and kudos across teams.

  • JoyMeter: Feedback is the core for further development. Initiate a feedback session whenever necessary for your team.

  • Spirrito: Explore team motivators and reflect together on how you can incorporate them into your collaboration.

  • SkillsBazaar: Teach and learn new skills across multiple teams to enable cross-functionality.

  • WhiteBoardUse creative brainstorming and visualization to find new solutions and ways together with the team. 


We follow a continuous improvement process and are constantly working on new solutions, modules and features.

Be better than yesterday with Agilibo.

Strong technology, all-in-one features,

Interactive design with excellent user experience

At Archibo, we believe that an agile working style is crucial for a productive and collaborative work environment, as well as for achieving customer happiness. Therefore, we have designed a dedicated Software-as-a-service solution, called Agiliboto assist you in your Agile transformation. Agilibo enables seamless implementation of new agile ways of working by modernizing teamwork and efficient task planning through streamlined workflows.

We are certain that the adoption of agile working with the full support of our high-quality digital platform will lead to significant improvements at different levels - in project development and efficiency, in product quality and financial results, and in the collaboration and well-being of the teams.

Empowering high performance agile teams

- What do we mean?

Agile transformations are very complex. Companies on the path to agility can use Agilibo to support their teams to work self-organized, to collaborate efficiently and to achieve better performance. Agilibo combines the practices and tools from the Scrum framework, Management 3.0, and agile DevOps into a unique tool that helps Scrum Teams to enjoy following these, and boosting team productivity. Scaling Scrum is also better managed with this application. Moreover, there are effective management dashboards with KPI tracking to make the achievements transparent. The software is updated on an ongoing basis.

Agilibo enables geographically dispersed team members and multiple teams to collaborate on a common platform.

Want to get to know Agilibo™ even better?
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