Frequently Asked Questions: 

Besides the how-to processes, there are numbers of frequently asked questions related to Agilibo's Planiac. We have divided these questions into 16 categories. You can click on any of the categories to see the FAQs with answers.

1. Planiac General

What is Sprint Planning?

Sprint Planning is a Scrum event where the team decides ‘What’, ‘How’ they are going to work on in the next sprint and ‘Why’ the upcoming sprint is necessary.

What is Sprint Goal?

Sprint Goal is the objective of a sprint which is constructed during Sprint planning session.

What is Planiac?

Planiac is a card-based web application used by Agile/Scrum teams to facilitate the Sprint planning session, which enables the team to discuss, estimate the User stories and plan them.

Where can I find Planiac?

You can find Planiac in our Agilibo landing page. Click on the app-switcher button present on the top left screen to be directed to the Planiac.

How do I use Planiac?

Subscribe to Agilibo, go to Planiac, create a planiac session, discuss and estimate the user stories.

Is Planiac a product of Agilibo?

Planiac is a product of an Agile transformation tool called Agilibo.

Can anyone from a team create a Planiac session?

Yes, anyone can create a Planiac session which makes him/her the facilitator.

Who is a facilitator?

Facilitator is the host who creates and organizes the Planiac event.

My team is not completely following Agile/Scrum, can we still use Planiac?

Yes, Planiac is a platform designed to plan the forecast, estimate and discuss them. But Planiac is best suited for Agile/Scrum Team.

My team does not have a Scrum Master. Who should facilitate the Planiac?

Anyone from the team can facilitate the Planiac session.

Why should I use Planiac?

Planiac helps in Planning and estimating the forecast which are critical to success of any software development/project management approach.

Can we plan the release of the product with Planiac?

Yes, the user stories related to the product and its readiness to be launched can be also estimated, discussed with Planiac.

Can I use Planiac without a paid subscription to Agilibo?

In Try and Buy policy Yes, you can. Planiac from Agilibo which can be used free of cost in the trial version for first 30 days after registering with us.

Can I schedule Planiac session for the future dates?

Yes, you can schedule sprint planning for your team at your desired date and time.

Is it necessary for all the team members to subscribe to Agilibo to use Planiac?

Yes, it is mandatory for all the team members to subscribe to Agilibo if you wish to use Planiac for a longer period, as our trial period is for 30 days only.

Can I use my personal email ID to register with Agilibo?

Yes, you can use any email ID to register yourself with Agilibo.

Does Planiac have a service desk facility where I can raise my issues related to Planiac?

You can create support ticket at Agilibo website. Also we have 24/7 customer support available to help you with these issues.

Can I attend Planiac sessions from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of Planiac even from your mobile phone.

Can I notify my team whenever I schedule a Planiac session?

Yes, if you have setup receive emails for your team in Agilibo then invitation mail will be sent to you whenever a new Planiac event is scheduled.

Will my team be notified of the changes I made in a scheduled Planiac session?

If the required email trigger setup for the team is done in Agilibo, then the team and invited members will receive an email about the updated details of the Planiac event.

Will my team be notified if I have cancelled the scheduled Planiac session?

If the desired email trigger setup for the team is done in Agilibo, then the team will be notified about the changes made related to the specific Planiac event.

Can Planiac send a report/summary of the Planiac event we just had?

Yes, if the desired email trigger setup for the team is done in Agilibo, then the team will receive the Summary of the Planiac session they had to their emails.

Can I fetch Planiac reports from past sprints?

Yes, Planiac allows you to view and download reports from the previous sprints.

How can I request for a Planiac Demo session for me? Will someone from your team help me in learning Planiac platform?

Go to, click on the app-switcher and choose Planiac. You will see Request Demo button there which will guide you to the Request Demo page where you can fill out details.

Do I need to be an Admin team member in Agilibo to facilitate a Planiac session?

Do I need to be an Admin team member in Agilibo to facilitate a Planiac session?

Can I schedule recurring sessions in Planiac?

No, at the moment you can only schedule one session at a time. But we are working to make it recurring.

We do not have a Product owner, but we have a client-side expert who is very strong with domain and priority. Can he join Planiac session with the team everytime?

Yes, he can join the planning session and participate in Planiac. But cannot be the facilitator if he/she does not have an Agilibo account.

We ran out of time in Planiac session which was set in the timer. Will the session automatically close?

No, the session will not close even if the timer is up. It is recommended to keep the Planiac session timeboxed.

2. Estimation cards

Can I create a new set of cards for my Planiac session?

Yes, you can create new set of cards with new images, colors and the text on it for your Planiac session.

Can I customize the Cards available in Planiac?

Yes, you can customize the cards in Agilibo Planiac Custom Card Builder in the In-game settings.

How can I alter the looks of the cards available in Planiac?

In Agilibo Planiac Custom Card Builder under settings you can create a completely new card with different texts, colors, shapes and even images.

I need my cards in different colors. What should I do?

You can go to settings, click on create cards and modify existing card color inside In-game settings as you wish which will take you to Agilibo Planiac Custom Card Builder.

Can I include a picture in view of the Deck of cards?

Yes, you can upload an image from your system in Agilibo Planiac Custom Card Builder in In-game settings.

Can I add more numbers under existing series of the deck of cards visible in Planiac session?

Yes, you can add more numbers to the existing deck of cards.

I want to download the look of the card I just created in Planiac. Is it possible? If yes then how?

With Agilibo Planiac Custom Card Builder it is possible for you to export the card you just created as an image.

Can I create cards specific to my organization with logos?

With Agilibo Planiac Custom Card Builder you can customize the color, text and image on cards.

What should I do to change the duration mentioned in Event timer?

We have provided a Plus/Minus button in the clock which can be used to adjust the time.

Can I customize my avatar in Planiac?

Not in the current version, but in the coming updates we are planning to include this feature.

I want to create a series of my own, specific to what my company follows in Planiac platform. Can I do it?

Yes, cards – design, arrangement can be customized in Planiac.

How can I customize my deck of cards in Planiac?

With Agilibo Planiac Custom Card Builder you can customize the arrangement of deck of cards in your Planiac session.

Are there themes available in Planiac?

Yes, Planiac has Fibonacci, modified fibonacci and tshirt sizes themes available which can be chosen to explore and play.

3. Security/Permissions

Can people from other company registered with Agilibo, using Planiac see my product and sprint backlogs?

No, each company registered with Agilibo can only view their product and sprint backlogs.

Why am I not able to view the other teams from my company while creating a Planiac session?

You only have permissions to create Planiac session for the team which you are part of.

I registered with an email which I do not have access to anymore and I forgot my Agilibo password. How can I retrieve my account?

We have 24/7 customer support available to help you with these issues.

You can also create a support ticket for the same in Agilibo website.

Is my company data synced with Agilibo encrypted?

Yes, the company data synced with Agilbo is encrypted.

Can Agilibo access my information?

Yes, Agilibo can access the basic information used to create the Agilibo account. But other data needed for functionality are defined on cookie policy and privacy policy.

Can my company use Planiac without revealing data to Agilibo?

No, company cannot use Planiac without revealing the data to Agilibo. The estimation in agile work environment is not a discrete event and Planiac data are well synced with Agilibo sprint backlog management.

What process is followed to ensure that my data is safe in cloud with Planiac?

We are using encrypted database from the cloud and our vendor is Exoscale. For more information you can visit their website for their privacy policy.

4. Setting the stage

What should I put under Event Name while creating Planiac session?

You can put the topic for the Planning session for which the Planiac event is getting created.

What is the Event Password which appears while creating a Planiac session?

This is an automatically generated password for the Planiac session you are about to create. You can create more random 4-character keywords as password by hitting the Generate button.

What should I select under Team Name while creating a Planiac session?

You can choose the team for which the Planiac session is getting created.

Why does it show more than 1 team for me under Team Name while creating a Planiac session?

In team name, under the drop-down list it will show the list of teams to which you are a part of.

My team has 1 week of sprint. What should be length of planning session?

Ususally for a 1 week sprint, the planning session does not take not more than 2 hours.

Why does it show previous sprint under Sprint dropdown? Does it mean Planiac allows me to estimate done items also?

This feature is enabled to let you meter the performance of team although data is not editable. And yes, you can estimate Done items also, but it is recommended to estimate items before working on them.

Can I set password of my own for the Planiac session?

No, Agilibo’s Planiac has the option to Generate new random passwords to be used in the session instead.

Is it mandatory for a user story to be under To-do status in Sprint backlog management, to be estimated in Planiac?

No, estimation of user stories in Planiac is not status specific.

5. Backlogs/User-stories

What is a User story?

User story is a valuable functionality/feature from user’s point of view that fulfils a purpose of the user.

What is a Backlog Item?

Backlog items are the list of tasks required to make a product workable. These are tasks which the team has decided to work on next.

Is it important to have my user stories in Agilibo Backlog Management to bring them in Planiac?

No, Agilibo offers integration with other project management tools as well. Some of them are JIRA, Trello, Clickup etc.

How many user stories can I estimate with Planiac? Is there a limit?

No, there is no limit in estimating the number of user stories per sprint. You can estimate as many user stories as you have in your sprint.

In Planiac can I see if a backlog is already estimated or not?

Yes, along with the title you can also view the estimation (if already estimated) in Planiac itself.

I added a backlog a minute ago, but not able to view in Planiac session. What should I do?

Refreshing the URL will refresh the backlogs present in the sprint currently chose to be estimated.

Does Planiac allow me to see the description and the acceptance criteria of my User story while attending the planning session?

Yes, Planiac enables the team to view the description as well as the acceptance criteria of a user story while being in the planning session.

6. Estimations and re-estimations

What is an estimation?

Estimation means assigning a point value to a user story to get an idea about the weightage of the item.

Why do we need an estimation?

Estimation gives team a relative visualization of the list of items present within a sprint about how much a user story weighs.

Do we estimate in Planiac?

Yes, Planiac is an estimation platform of Agilibo and this estimation gets reflected in Agilibo Sprint Backlog Management.

What is re-estimation?

Re-estimation is the process of estimating the user stories after first round of discussion and estimation when estimation points from the team has a huge difference.

Why do we need a re-estimation?

To ensure the estimation is close to accurate and the team has understood the requirement behind a User story, re-estimation is needed.

Can we re-estimate in Planiac?

Yes, we have an exclusive re-estimate button in Planiac which allows the team to estimate that user story again.

What is a story point?

Story point is a measure that expresses the size of a backlog item with respect to the effort needed and the time.

Is there a specific formula to estimate user stories with Story point?

No, there is no specific formula to estimate User stories with story points. Story points are relative. Team can estimate stories keeping the velocity of previous sprint in mind.

What is Velocity?

Velocity is a measure to determine the progress of a team.

I noticed in Planiac that 1 User Story is estimated 1 and other as 2. What does it mean?

It means that the user story estimated as 2 is double the size, complexity, risk and time of the user story estimate as 1.

Can I leave User stories un-estimated?

Yes, it depends on the team to estimate user stories when they feel they are confident enough. Although scrum suggests estimation of all user stories sooner at start of the sprint.

Is testing also included in estimation?

Yes, in Planiac estimation is done assuming that you will only be working on those user stories and all the requirements needed are readily available in hand.

Is estimation role based?

No, estimation should not be done based on roles.

Why isn’t estimation role based?

Role based estimation is not suggested as agile gives more importance to the team and not an individual.

Is estimation done by a single person in the team?

No, estimation is not done by a single person. Estimates are shared.

Can I estimate tasks in Planiac?

Yes, you can estimate tasks in Planiac as well as per the wish of the team.

Can I skip estimation of any User story?

Yes, if team is not sure about a user story estimation can be skipped for the same.

If items be left un-estimated, why do we need plan in Planiac?

Planiac enables team to set realistic goals, take up feasible work in a specific timeframe as estimation gives the team a clearer idea.

I don’t want to estimate a user story in a Planiac session but I don’t want to sit idle during the session either. What should I do?

Planiac has a Pass card which you can select in case you want to skip estimating one user story during the Planiac session.

7. Techniques of estimations

What are ideal days?

Ideal days are a measure in days an individual would need to make a story into Done without any interruptions.

Should we give more weightage to items which are assigned to a new team member in Planiac?

No, estimation should be unbiased.

What is estimation in ideal days?

Estimation of user stories in ideal days means assigning ideal days to user stories. This means it takes Idea days for an individual to make the user story Done.

What is Fibonacci agile estimation?

Fibonacci series is an estimation sequence where numbers from Fibonacci series is assigned to User Stories.

Is Fibonacci agile estimation useful?

Agile Fibonacci estimation scale allows team to understand work items using story points.

What are the numbers on deck of cards in Fibonacci estimation in Planiac?

Numbers available on the deck of cards in Planiac are 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89. This is based on the Fibonacci series of numbers.

Are there any base line for story points and hours put in like 1SP = X hours?

No, there is no baseline for Story point and number of hours dedicated for the work.

8. Planiac for a Product Owner

Can a product owner use Planiac?

Yes, Planiac from Agilbio is made for the entire scrum team for Sprint Planning session where you and your team can estimate and plan tasks.

As a product owner can I estimate user stories in Planiac session?

Yes, everyone from the scrum team must participate in estimating the user story during the Planiac session.

The team is confused about a user story while estimating in Planiac session. Who can we ask to clarify the item?

Product Owner is the right person you and your team can request to describe the backlog items in such cases.

There is a big difference in the cards shown by my team. How can my team handle it?

Re-estimate those user stories whose estimation points given by team members have a huge difference.

Can we set the Sprint Goal in Planiac session? Will it reflect in Agilibo Sprint Backlog Management?

Yes, we can set the Sprint Goal in Planiac session and Yes it will be reflected in Agilibo Sprint Backlog Management.

Can the PO set the Sprint Goal in Planiac?

Sprint Goal is drafted by the entire team and not juts the PO. And yes anyone from the Scrum team can set the Sprint Goal in Planiac.

9. Planiac for a Scrum Master

What is the purpose of re-estimate button?

Re-estimate button enables the team to go for a second round of discussion and estimation of a specific user story after it has been discussed once. This gives clearer picture of the user story and the process behind it.

What is the purpose of reveal button?

Reveal button in Planiac session allows the team to view the estimates given by the them.

Can Planiac calculate the scores after estimation process?

Yes, while creating the Planiac session the facilitator can enable an option to allow Planiac to calculate score.

Does Planiac have a timer?

Yes, Planiac offers the timer facility as well to keep a track of your planning session.

I am working with a distributed team. Can we use Planiac?

Yes, Planiac is a web application which can be accessed if you have a stable internet connection and a computer/mobile phone.

Skills of my team members are different. Can they use in Planiac?

Yes, everyone in the team can make use of Planiac and estimate user stories no matter what their skills are, provided the team is aware about the user story.

The stakeholder wants to see how my team plans for a specific sprint. Can they join our Planiac session without an Agilibo account?

Yes, Stakeholders can attend the Planiac session provided the facilitator has shared the password of the event to the stakeholder. But a stakeholder attending the planning is rare.

Can the facilitator leave an ongoing session?

Yes, the facilitator has the privilege to make any one from the team members as the facilitator to carry out the Planiac session and then he/she can leave the session. But it is advisable for a SM to attend the Planning.

I closed the internet windows tab by mistake. Will the estimations done till now be gone?

No, the estimations will not disappear. If the estimations are set in Planiac and the ‘estimation set’ message pops up in screen this means that estimation is successfully done and gets reflected in Agilibo Sprint Backlog Management.

If few user stories are not estimated, will Planiac notify me before leaving the Planiac session?

This version of Planiac does not have this feature yet, but we're surely going to implement it in the coming updates. Stay tuned!

Even after re-estimation my team has vast difference in the points set by them individually during Planiac session. What should we do further?

Re-estimation indicates that the team still is unaware of the user story and this can be solved by requesting the PO to explain the differences and get confusions clarified, so that team ends up with more accurate estimations. You can use re-estimate button to go for next round of estimation.

Can I increase the duration of the Planiac at the last moment?

Yes, Planiac allows you to extend the time set in timer by minutes.

If the team finishes the planning even before the timer is up, can I end the session manually?

Yes, you can end the session manually by clicking on next

I (SM) don’t estimate Backlog Items, I don’t wish to attend Planning session. Can anyone else from the team create the Planiac session?

Yes, anyone from the team can create a Planiac session and facilitate it. Also, it is highly recommended for Scrum Master to attend the planning session to keep plannings in track, short and efficient.

Can a person outside my team attend Planiac session with us?

No, Planiac session created by you is accessible only to people within your team. However external guests can access session with invitation link.

10. Planiac for Development Team Members

Can I change my estimation and choose another card after the votes have been revealed?

Yes, Planiac has the feature of allowing the team members to change their estimations after the votes have been revealed.

Our team follows a Two-Part sprint planning where planning is separated into What and How session. Can we set 2 timers for the same in Planiac?

Yes, Planiac offers two timers. One for the entire event and one for the current event. You can make use of current event timer which can be reset once the event is over.

Is it possible to make notes in Planiac while attending the Planning session?

Planiac doesn not have this feature currently, but soon we're going to add this feature in the coming iterations.

Can I join a Planiac session once it has started?

Yes, team members can join the Planiac session once it has started.

Does Planiac allow team members to leave the session without stopping the entire event?

Yes, team members can leave the session and it will not have any impact on the session or the stories estimated till then.

Can anyone from the team set the user story next to be discussed in Planiac?

Yes, since the team discusses the user story, Planiac has given them the privilege to select and set the user story they want to discuss and estimate.

Can an external expert whose help the team wants, also use Planiac and estimate?

Yes, Planiac allows external users to login through a invitation link which redirects them to the Planiac session and they can even estimate.

What is the minimum duration for which we can schedule the planning session in Planiac?

We have set the duration of a Planiac session by default as 2 hours which is the standard duration for a 1-week sprint according to Scrum Guide. This can be altered as per the team and their sprint.

11. What of Sprint Planning

Can I choose individual user story of the sprint in Planiac to estimate and discuss?

Yes, the team can choose and set individual user stories to discuss, estimate and plan them in Planiac.

Can we estimate tasks first and then arrive at User stories in Planiac?

Yes, but it is advisable to estimate user stories first understand them thoroughly and then get in task-level in depth understanding and then estimate them.

How can I choose a user story to be estimated?

On the left side of the Planiac screen, you can view all the sprint backlog items from the current sprint which can be chosen, set and after discussion can be estimated too.

Can I view Definition of done during the Planiac session?

We don’t have this feature for now.

12. Dos and don'ts in Planiac

I want to leave the Planiac session. Will my team know that I left the session?

Yes, once a team member leaves the session the number of participants gets reduced by one and one person becomes less on the pool table on the Planiac screen also.

Our Planning session usually takes more than 3 hours for 1 week sprint. We do not have a dedicated Scrum Master for the same. How can Planiac help md with this situation?

Planiac from Agilibo has a timer on the screen which constantly reminds the team about how much time is up and how much time is still left for the session to end. Team can manage accordingly.

Can the lead of the project estimate the backlog items?

Yes, but it is highly recommended as per Agile that entire team participates in estimation. Planiac gives the whole team the opportunity to provide their estimates.

In my team only the assignee of the backlog item estimates and commits the task. Can we filter out tasks based on assignees?

As per Agile standards it is advisable for the entire team to participate in the estimation to ensure understanding of user stories and correct estimates. We don’t have this feature for now.

13. Myths to know about Planning and Planiac

Stakeholder wants to facilitate the Planiac session. Is it advisable?

No, stakeholders should not facilitate the Planiac session. Anyone from the team can facilitate the session except the stakeholder as he/she wouldn’t be aware of the team structure.

In Planiac can a PO decide what backlogs the team is going to worked upon in next sprint?

No, the development team decides the backlog it is going to work on in the upcoming sprint.

14. Planiac for product vision

Can I estimate finance related user stories in Planiac? Will my data be safe?

Yes, Planiac follows strict protocols of security and therefore Planiac is a fully reliable platform to set the user stories and discuss them.

Can we take down notes/comments discussed during planning in Planiac about Product Vision?

We don’t have this feature for now. However, we are planning to add this feature in near future.

15. Uncertainties with planning that Planiac can reduce

Does Planiac give status of number of items estimated and of those which are pending to be estimated?

Yes, Planiac gives status of number of items estimated and ones remaining.

I mistakenly typed a wrong number and set the estimation for a User story. How can I rectify it?

You can just type the right number in the text box again and set the estimation. This process would replace the wrong value with the right one.

How does Planiac enable the team to land on a Sprint Goal?

Planiac enables the team to have multiple rounds of discussions about the items to be taken into a sprint which eventually encourages team to build an effective Sprint Goal.

16. Planiac and Product

Can I use Planiac just for planning session?

You can use Planiac for Sprint planning to plan and estimate backlog items, also for Backlog refinement where you can refine product backlog of a specific team.

In my company 2 teams work on the same Product. Can both the teams sit in one Planiac session?

No, it is recommended for teams to work on their sprints separately although they can get aligned with each other to make deliverables fast and efficient.

Can I choose more than 1 team for a Planiac session?

No. It is recommended to conduct scrum meetings separately for each team to get more efficient and varying outcomes which can eventually enhance the delivery and overcome impediments.

Being a Scrum Master for 2 teams with same Product Backlog and Product Goal, can I create 2 Planiac sessions for both the teams?

Yes, you can create as many Planiac session for as many teams as you wish for.

Can I create 2 Planiac sessions with 2 different durations?

Yes, Planiac allows you to create as many sessions as you wish with desired duration.

Can we use Planiac for Backlog refinement as well?

Yes, you can use Planiac to refine Product backlog.

How can I use Planiac for Backlog refinement?

Once you are inside Agilibo, click on the app-switcher and go to Products, inside Product Backlog tab you can see a button called Start a Planiac Session which does not include any sprints.