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Getting Started

1. What is Agilibo? Why should I use it?

In your workplace, not everyone is with the same agility, same working style, or same taste. But you have to run your company with them, and reach your goals one by one.

Say for example, your team has been assigned to enlist 50 customers for your company within 2 weeks. If your team is agile, you along with your team have to make a plan for the next 14 days, divide the tasks, keep a record, send kudos to them to keep them motivated, play scrum events, keep track of your team members’ journey line and motivators throughout the sprint time (which is 14 days), send and receive happiness notes etc. Now that’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

Agilibo has made these tasks a lot easier and user- friendly. If you have enough knowledge about scrum, then you would very much enjoy using Agilibo. You can find and use everything necessary for your company to complete your sprint within time just by using Agilibo.


2. How Should I Register to Agilibo?

Opening account in Agilibo is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. The registration process is divided into 2 parameters. One is for the scrum master/product owner; another is for the team members. The only unfamiliar things to you are the company name, unit name, and unit ID.

You can click on “Need help?” icon or you can just visit and see the detailed procedure of Registration.


3. What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, do not worry. Just click on “forgot password” in the login page of Agilibo and type the email address you used while creating your account. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email address, then you can set new password. We don’t recommend using an easy password, after all it is your account. Always use a password that is not that easy, but not forgettable as well!


4. What are the features of Agilibo?

Agilibo enables Scrum Team members of an Agile Software Development Group to collaborate and learn by playing Cards. It sharpens the skills of individual members of a Scrum Team of different Scrum Roles. Agilibo includes coaching cards for multiple Team members to sit around a table and instead of using paper cards, the Team can take out Agilibo’s Mobile Application and join the room named as “Team” and play. This allows you to avoid carrying bulky coaching cards in your pocket every time everywhere you go. There are many coaching card stacks such as Scrum Master Coaching, Product Owner Coaching, Scrum Retrospective Coaching, Scrum Mastery Coaching cards, etc.

Both registered and unregistered users of Agilibo can play these coaching cards. The software checks if the user is a registered user by an Email address. If the user is a registered user, then his Teams are automatically shown thus saving the time to create new Teams. The unregistered user can create any Teams they like and join the Team with their colleagues and discuss the cards that pop up. The unregistered Teams have a validity of 4 hours and is automatically deleted after the time is over since the game normally would not last more than an hour.

These are the exclusive features which you can get by using Agilibo:​

  • Cross Team Dependency: The user can visualize and manage dependencies across Teams, Sprints and categorized dependencies.

  • Planning Poker®: Planning Poker® is the secure, fun way for Agile Teams to guide Sprint Planning and build accurate consensus estimates. Can be played free on desktop or mobile.

  • Happiness Door: Like the Feedback Wall, the Happiness Door really is often just Post-Its with feedback written on them, and, like the Happiness Index, it assumes that people can act as the best gauge of their own happiness level.

  • Kudo Cards: This method stands out as an option to break through or even break down hierarchical limitations and at the same time to get instant feedback from the Team. Kudos will not only deliver on a great culture, but also provide the user with an ROI he / she can calculate.

  • Improv Cards: Improvisation cards are a nice chance to make a company the whole unit. With the help of such improvisation cards, you can open up people for collaboration and bring them out of their comfort zone. In terms of Team building, this will contribute to real communication and engagement as well.


5. Does Agilibo have all the scrum features?

Agilibo has lots and lots of features and sub-features, and they are only there to make the users practice Agile at work.

  • Digital Scrum Games (Planning Poker®, Retrospective and Journey line)

  • Sprint settings

  • Scrum Setting (Scrum Role and Scrum Development Role)

  • Cross Team Dependency

  • Happiness Door

  • Kudo Card

  • Delegation

  • Skills Bazaar

  • My Motivators

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